Tickety Boo Bingo Advertising On TV

When it comes to advertising your product on television it’s all about engaging the audience and selling your brand over all the others available in the same market place. With over 350 online bingo sites available producing a commercial that makes your brand most appealing is always going to be difficult. Some sites have failed miserably in their television campaigns but we think the Tickety Boo Bingo advert has got it just right.

The site only launched in February 2014 and differs from many ‘charitable’ bingo sites online today because Marie Curie Cancer Care owns Tickety Boo Bingo. Additionally, ALL of the profits from this brand are donated to this worthy cause rather than a percentage of profits or deposits made, as is the case with many other sites on the Internet today.

The advert for the site plays on the ease of raising money for Marie Curie Cancer Care and certainly appeals to those of us who are a little exercise shy! A cartoon type character is shown performing a few tasks that we usually associate with fundraising – swimming, cycling, running and even skydiving. The voiceover then goes on to say how not all of us want to perform these types of task to raise money for a good cause before the cartoon girl is seen relaxing on the sofa with her laptop whilst a cat snoozes on the arm of the couch.

Of course the commercial ends by ‘selling’ the viewer the welcome bonus on offer but whilst the advert doesn’t have the bells and whistles offered by better known brands on the Internet, Tickety Boo Bingo tells is how it is in there’s with no bells and whistles required.

For those of you who have yet to catch the advert in the commercial breaks of your favourite programs, just click the image below to view it.

One thought on “Tickety Boo Bingo Advertising On TV

  1. Good advert, awful domain name. Can see lots of possible issues with people trying to type it in, it’s rife for typos and misunderstanding.

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