Bingo Awards, Recommendations and Seals Of Approval

When you visit a bingo site online you may find that they have a ‘seal of approval’, ‘rating’ or award emblem located somewhere around their home page. Many of these are valid awards and recommendations however do they all carry much value? With so many portal operators now also operating pay to play brands, is it acceptable that they award their own sites the seals of approvals, ratings or awards without actually ‘fessing up’ to being the owner of the portal offering the approval, rating or award too?

For example, Live Bingo boasts a ‘Recommended by Bingo Port’ logo at the bottom of the page – the site is owned by the same people as own Bingo Port. Paddy Bingo, this site although fairly new to the industry has a rating from Two Little Fleas – the same people own both sites. Zingo Bingo sports a ‘Top 5 Placed Winner’ in the Which Bingo Awards 2012, again there is a connection between Which and Zingo.

We understand that Bingo Port and Which Bingo both go to a lot of time and effort for their awards (as well as quite an expense) and many other big name brands in our industry covet the titles from the two portals. Our issue isn’t with the awards themselves but actually, that there is no transparency from the portal owners as to the brands that they own and operate.

Whilst it may look impressive to sport a ‘recommended by’ or ‘seal of approval’ on your brands home page, what value does it actually have to a player who is aware of the link between the recommendation/approval given and the site itself? There is no shame in being proud of the product that you operate, we certainly aren’t shy in advertising the fact that we own and operate Tidy Bingo. Let’s see some more transparency from the other players in our field!

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