Beacon Bingo Raises More Cash For Charity

Beacon bingo who are small chain have a good record for raising money for charities over the years, and they continue to do so. Bingo halls on the whole tend to have close ties with local communities, and a long history of involvement with local as well as national charities.

Ilkeston Beacon Bingo have been raising cash for CHIPS, a charity which provides specialised powered wheelchairs for young people. They are a main contributor to the fund, playing a large part in raising over £100,000 along with local branches of Cashino.

The money raised goes to providing mobility aids for young people, and it has been noted that without the good works of Beacon Bingo and Cashino, these wheelchairs would not be available to the young people who need them. The wheelchairs are motorised which aid young with mobility problems to get about.

It is a shame (in my personal opinion), that charities are relied upon for support such as this, when millions are spent (wasted) on military drones that have not, and may never be used (drones that if used would be creating more wheelchair users in the world…). So it’s just as well that businesses with close community ties are proactive in raising money for such good causes, because, without their support, many people would not be receiving the help they need.

Bingo halls and casinos do have their detractors, as they are gambling establishments, but gambling has always been with us in one form or another, whether hidden or open, and always will be. At least casinos and bingo halls do actually get out there and raise meaningful amounts of money that can have a tremendously positive impact on some people’s lives.

Well done Beacon Bingo, and Cashino, hats off to you, and keep up the good work.Original article.

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