GSN Buys Bash Gaming For Undisclosed Sum

Bingo Bash is one of the biggest social bingo apps available with more than 4 million monthly users, so a $170 million estimate doesn’t seem awfully high for the acquisition of Bash Gaming by GSN Games that has just been announced.

Social bingo and casino apps are big business and Bingo Bash is no different. The app is one of the most popular play for fun apps around and it’s available to play via your Facebook, iOS, Android or Kindle.

GSN are already pretty well known and include big games such as the Wheel of Fortune and Deal or No Deal slots in their portfolio, and so the acquisition of Bash Gaming will be quite a coup for the company, taking the number 1 social bingo game to the next level.

Although Bingo Bash and other similar apps are only play for fun, you can buy power ups and features on the game as you play. This makes these social games very profitable indeed, and very popular around the world. With US players unable to play bingo for real, these apps are filling the gap and there are millions logging on every day to play.

Bingo Bash is just one of the games owned by Bash Gaming who also own the highly popular Slots Bash, both games are market leaders and that makes this quite an acquisition for GSN Games. The company and its operations will now be completely taken over by GSN Games. Bash Gaming has around 140 employees, and it’s estimated that the annual revenue last year was around $70 million.

What this purchase will mean for fans of the game is yet to be seen, but we could see some new features and changes to the game over the coming months.

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