Rap On The Knuckles For Rap Chic Bingo

When it comes to getting your product brand name out there online bingo sites use many different mediums for advertising. We see an abundance of different brands advertising on television, open any women’s magazine and you will find at least one advert and of course there is social media sites like Facebook and Twitter with groups and fan pages on the former.

When a brand opens I usually pop along to Facebook and ‘Like’ their fan page. This is so that I can stay abreast of any exclusive promotions and codes and generally keep an eye on the feedback about a brand. I do not do it so that the likes of Rap Chic Bingo can spam my wall with pictures advertising their wares in an effort to attract more players!

What is even more infuriating in this instance is that I had yet to even like the Rap Chic Bingo Facebook page, the tag in the picture (shown below) was made by someone who works at RASR Entertainment, the company who operates the product, who WAS on my friends list!

Screenshot AFTER Removal Of Tag

It’s a damn cheek and has earned the offender removal from my friends list but I wasn’t the only person in the bingo industry who suffered the same intrusion on their wall. Trevor Edwards who owns a number of bingo portals, Anita Heffernan who writes for Which Bingo, and quite a few others received the same tag.

I’m so infuriated by the cheek of this person that I have even refused to put banners and links in this article out of principle and something he may want to consider too, his brand is not a standalone brand but part of a network. The 15 Network contains nine other brands currently, some of whose owners are also on my friend’s list and haven’t chosen to try an peddle their wares on my wall. These nine other brands all offer the same promotions – it will be these brands that take precedence over Rap Chic Bingo in future…

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