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The app store has been open for a while now and in that time they have racked up considerable app sales. Today there are 900,000 apps for the user to choose from, and understandably that covers quite a broad genre. Sales have never been so high, and Apple has never been such a popular brand, and now the Top 10 apps of all time have been released, and perhaps unsurprisingly, in there is a bingo app!

In at number 10, on the Top 10 Apps of all time is Bingo Bash from Bash Gaming, and it’s a popular app connected to Facebook and that’s where it first made its appearance, as one of the early Facebook Bingo apps. It was clear from the start it was going to be hugely popular, but we thought the brand might have taken a dent when paid bingo came to Facebook last year.

Bingo Bash is a hugely popular game, but while you can’t win any cash prizes, you can buy credits to pay. Maybe it’s just us, but we think if you’re playing bingo anyway, and spending money to do so, you might as well be playing for cash.

We thought that with the launch of Bingo Appy, from the 888 Group last year, and the ability to finally play on Facebook and win real cash prizes, that we would see a fall in the fortunes of Facebook bingo brands such as Bingo Bash. Bingo Appy offers a choice between free bingo or real cash bingo, but yet apps such as Bingo Bash seem to be as popular as ever.

Bingo Bash wasn’t the only gaming app to come in to the Top 10 either, at number 9 is Big Fish Casino, and at number 6, Double Down Casino, proving that online gaming has never been so popular. However, with many real gaming apps, mobile bingo sites and mobile casinos, we may see a shift in the market very soon.

Although we can’t guarantee knocking Candy Crush off the top spot of most downloaded apps of all time, and I must confess to being a complete and incurable addict!

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