New Look For Some Cozy Games Bingo Brands

The recent addition of Payday Bingo to the Winners Bingo Network and the subsequent visit to write a review about the site is the only reason we became aware of a change to the Cozy Games bingo software! As our readers will know, we aren’t big lovers of the gaming experience offered by sites using this platform but Payday Bingo could have changed our perception a little.

When you play at any sites on the Live Bingo Network or Winners Bingo Network you may notice a slight change in the lobby and bingo screen at sites like Payday Bingo. They may only be subtle differences in the aesthetics and layout but they definitely enhance the experience – its just a shame the hosts are still ‘smiley’ happy!

Below you can see an image showing the changes, we have used Comfy Bingo from the Live Bingo Network as an example. To the left is the old design of the game screen with the new look on the right.

Comparative screenshots from Comfy Bingo
Comparative Screenshots From Comfy Bingo

The screen appears to be larger although it actually isn’t. The section of the screen that shows the purchasing options (and becomes the call board when the game is in play) has less width. The space between bingo ticket strips has been made smaller and all of this has meant that more tickets can now be viewed in the centre of your screen. Other than these two amendments, nothing much else has changed yet the whole thing looks cleaner and fresher.

Could it be that this new look is set to be rolled our across all sites powered by the Cozy Games products? Only time will tell but we certainly hope so. There have been some changes to the Super Bingo Network in the bingo rooms but it looks to be a work in progress as less tickets than before currently show on the screen. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that they also roll out the lower first deposit and minimum withdrawal amounts that you can find at Payday Bingo too!

Please note: Some brands on the Winners Bingo Network have yet to upgrade to the new software. These include:

  • Bingo Riot
  • Play 2 Win Bingo

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