How Not To Run An Affiliate Program

When it comes to choosing the brands that we promote here at Playing Bingo it has always been our aim to give you as much detail as possible, good or bad, about all of the brands available online currently. Often this means we have to review brands that we personally wouldn’t choose to visit, but we understand that our opinion differs to that held by others.

We have never been backward in coming forward with our opinion of the Cozy Games products because of the high wagering and minimum withdrawal amounts but to add fuel to the fire, an affiliate program from one of their brands and the subsequent correspondence took our dislike for the company as a whole to a new level.

Payday Bingo is the offending site, one from the Winners Bingo Network. Earlier this month the brand launched and whilst we weren’t enamoured with the site name, we reviewed the product anyway (you can read the review here) and were actually pleasantly surprised to find that some of the issues we have with sites using the Cozy Games software had been addressed.

Firstly we didn’t have to validate our account in order to receive the bonus, it was in your account immediately upon completion of sign up. The minimum deposit required in order to withdraw winnings was lowered to just £5 instead of the standard £25 and the minimum withdrawal amount was just £20 rather than the standard £50. Payday Bingo were certainly ticking the right boxes, then it all went ‘Pete Tong’…

We wanted to see if our readers were as impressed with the changes we had waxed so lyrical about at Payday Bingo and to do this we had to access the affiliate account, something we couldn’t do because the web address no longer existed. Of course we contacted the Winners Bingo Network (WBN) support asking what the issue was and this was the response received, verbatim:

With regards to your query, payday bingo affiliate’s has been closed due to some have to wait till you get the next update.

Forget the poor use of English which is bad enough but is that really the way you correspond with someone who is promoting your brand?

Lesson One from WBN in how to really infuriate an affiliate! Needless to say we are now giving our readers alternative options to Payday Bingo.

Update: On 31st July 2013 we received the following email from WBN:

You recently registered on Payday Bingo affiliate site, a site on the WBN network. We are writing to inform you that WBN incorrectly published the site on behalf of Payday Bingo and have subsequently removed the site as Payday Bingo do not wish to engage in affiliate deals or revenue sharing.

We apologise for any inconvenience or confusion caused.

Kind regards

WBN Support Team

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