I’ve Heard Of Bingo Balls, But This Is Ridiculous…

Ok, so there I was checking on some sites for research purposes, and I found myself looking at Gone Bingo, whom I hadn’t visited for a while. The first thing I noticed was their 6th birthday celebration graphic at the top of the page. I looked at it for at least a second before my eye caught the ghastly sight across the top of their page. I can only describe it as a string of bingo balls, but not your typical kind.

I know I’ve got a childish mind at times, so I checked with a couple of my colleagues to see if it was just me. I didn’t need to point it out, I just said “string-o’-balls” and gave them a link to Gone Bingo. Straight away they came back with a ROFL and a LMFAO, which is proof positive that it’s not just me, or that my colleagues are also as childish as I am. I did check and ask ‘it’s not just me is it?” And thankfully they said no.

Gone Bingo homepage

Look at the string across the top
of the above image – close up below.

WTF!? Bingo balls?!

I looked aghast! Was this some kind of bizarre warning to keep men away from the site? “Enter at ye own risk, lest thee precious bits be strung up”? Now I know some sites like to market themselves almost exclusively to women, but this is taking things a bit too far! Come on guys, you know us blokes like a game of bingo too, but do you really need to try and scare us away from your site like this? If I played there, I’d be worried that my bingo balls might be Gone too.

To be fair, we all know how much of a cliche the old bingo balls are, so I suppose Gone should be commended for trying to do something a bit different at least. Either that or they need to sit their graphics designer and give ’em a good talking too. There’s no need for some “Casino Royale” style rope and seat-less chair shenanigans, but a quiet word on how to draw balloons should suffice. Want to check out the “string-‘o-balls” yourself? Visit www.gonebingo.co.uk whilst they’re still there. Dangling.

Update: It has been suggested by a certain Mrs Shute that the site will henceforth be known here as Gonad Bingo. Seems fair.

4 thoughts on “I’ve Heard Of Bingo Balls, But This Is Ridiculous…

  1. I wanted to check that I too don’t have male genitalia on the brain so called both my husband and son (23) to view the Gone Bingo home page. The question posed was simply “What are these?” whilst running my finger across the top of the screen.

    Hubby responded: Testicles
    Son answered: Balls

    David, you can rest easy that it is not just you!

  2. I just read my comment back, I was in essence running my fingers across a line of testicles – I wonder if it would be funnier if the jangled!

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