Foxy Bingo Announce Partnership With Rugby Super League

This week, the Rugby Super League has announced that Foxy Bingo is to become the competitions official bingo partner in 2013. It’s a great news for Foxy Bingo who are already the UK’s top online bingo site, and great news for the Super League too who will no doubt greatly benefit from the sponsorship.

It’s not the first foray into sponsorship for that cheeky fox, Foxy Bingo already count big sporting teams such as Man Utd and Real Madrid in their sponsorship history so this new deal should come as no surprise. For Rugby League fans, this could mean that you’re going to have a crash course in online bingo, as Foxy use the sponsorship deal to bring online bingo to fans of a game with a very different shaped ball.

Super League commercials are likely to feature Foxy Bingo as the brands work together for the next three years.

Super League’s Commercial Director, James Mercer has announced his delight at the new sponsorship deal this week and says he looks forward to working with Foxy Bingo and enhancing both brands.

For bingo players, there won’t be any changes, although bringing the rugby game into the equation could see some Foxy players taking an interest in the sport. You never know, players might even see some rugby themed promotions and we’ll be looking out for those!

The deal is likely to have an effect for the brand and its exposure. Foxy is already one of the biggest names in online bingo thanks to some great advertising and other sponsorship deals such as this one, and this deal is only likely to make the brand even more of a household name!

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