Bright Bingo TV Advert

Click here to play at Bright Bingo Bright Bingo may only have been open a few weeks but already they are advertising their wares on the small screen with a TV marketing campaign! Only the second brand to launch from Dazzeltag using the b-livegaming software, this site offers a very unique gaming experience but what […]

Money Saver Bingo, A Bit Of A Contradiction In Terms

Another new bingo site launched yesterday and we have to say, we were a bit miffed at the name the owners have chosen. Money Saver Bingo, it really seems to be a contradiction in terms because whilst we all know that you can get lucky playing the game online, it’s not really a money saver. […]

What’s New At Brand New Bingo?

When it comes to naming your online bingo brand it would seem that operators are finding it more and more difficult. The latest to launch is called Brand New Bingo and whilst it is just as the name suggests currently, it won’t be for long. The word new has many connotations – something that has […]

Tickety Boo Bingo And Marie Curie Cancer Care

Charity bingo is not a new concept, far from it – in fact there are already several different brands online today who donate to various worthy causes. However, it has been quite a while since we saw a new brand launch but recently Tickety Boo Bingo joined the Dragonfish network. The brand is owned and […]

Bingo Irish Joins Dragonfish Network

As you will no doubt already know there are hundreds of brands available on the Internet today that are powered by the 888/Globalcom software that are part of the Dragonfish network. A recent addition to the network is Bingo Irish, another brand from 8 Ball Games Ltd. It wasn’t that long ago that this company […]

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