What’s New At Brand New Bingo?

When it comes to naming your online bingo brand it would seem that operators are finding it more and more difficult. The latest to launch is called Brand New Bingo and whilst it is just as the name suggests currently, it won’t be for long. The word new has many connotations – something that has not existed before or it could be something that has existed before but only seen, experienced or acquired recently.

Of course Brand New Bingo is all of the above as it has just launched, but give it a few weeks and the brand name is outdated. Having said that, one of the most popular search terms for the online bingo industry has always been ‘new bingo sites’, it could be that the team behind the brand are simply trying to cash in on that.

Whatever the reason for the name, it’s not the best and not one that can be carried forward into the theme or design of the site. However, what we do like is that the site has chosen to launch on the 15 Network and is powered by the Jumpman Gaming software. This means that you are assured of a safe and secure gaming experience from the moment you register to play and are also offered a decent sign up bonus, don’t have strict wagering requirements and have an array of promotions to choose from when you step through their virtual doors.

At the moment it would appear that Brand New Bingo are sticking with just the networked offerings when it comes to promotions but this could just be because of the sites infancy, we could see exclusive promotions launch as the site becomes more established.

We’ll be keeping an eye on the 15th brand to join the 15 Network even if it won’t actually be a brand new bingo site for long.

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