Bingo Hotpot – A Tasty Dish?

With over 350 different brands online currently in the world of bingo it is quite a task to come up with a name for a new site (as you will know if you have watched Jake Yapp’s Bingo Brainstorm). It’s not surprising then that we see some quite odd brands making their way into the market place and the latest to come to our attention is Bingo Hotpot.

There’s been no fuss made about the impending launch of the brand, no menu shared with player’s who may be eager to tuck into what Bingo Hotpot may have to offer by way of culinary bingo delights. All we know at this point is that the brand is set to launch on the Live Bingo Network and will be powered by the Cozy Games software.

This news alone doesn’t whet our appetite, our readers will be well aware that given a choice; Cozy Games would not be on our list of favourite dishes whilst we dine in the bingo restaurant. We prefer a freshly cooked steak by a top chef than a manky hotdog from the chip van in the B & Q car-park…

The name Hotpot is quite regional, to the North of England and Lancashire, we wonder would Bingo Stew not have been better as the name for this soon to launch brand? After all, the domain is still available.

As with all brands that are soon to make an appearance into the world of online bingo the landing page makes reference to all things “great” about Bingo Hotpot. However this site hasn’t focused on the food element that the name conjures up, they have concentrated on the “heat” that they are hoping the brand will generate.

Here’s the home page for the soon to launch brand, Bingo Hotpot:

Bingo HotPot Homepage

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