Smooth Bingo Coming Soon

A little birdie told us just the other day of a new brand that is set to hit the online bingo scene in the not too distant future and the rumour had our ears a flapping, well until we realised that the brand is set to be launching on the Cozy Games software. Smooth Bingo is the name of the site set to open end of May / beginning of June time and it’s saving grace, for us at least, is that it will be joining the Live Bingo Network (LBN).

Of all the networks that Cozy Games software is used to power, LBN has the best terms and conditions so we’re not going to disregard Smooth Bingo altogether. That said, we actually know little about the brand so our article is going to be quite speculative.

The name Smooth brings a number of themes to the fore for us – Smooth Jazz, Smooth ies and Smooth as in personality. Which of these, if any is Smooth Bingo going to opt for? To be honest we can’t see Smooth Jazz really being something that fits with the online bingo scene and whilst someone ‘smooth’ might front the new site, we’re thinking that they are going to go with the smoothies theme. Also note there is just one letter difference between this forthcoming new brand and a Dragonfish site called Smooch Bingo.

Of course, we could be wrong but only time will tell. We do wonder if the brand is going to launch with the usual high no deposit required bonus and cash match deals or if it is going to the first from LBN to take into consideration how the Point Of Consumption tax is going to affect things? Check back soon for more details of the impending launch of Smooth Bingo.

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