Is There A Mandalay Media Bingo Network?

The latest addition to the new sites section was Rio Bingo, a site that we believed to be standalone like others from the Mandalay Media company. However, discussions with an industry colleague revealed that he had been told that the site was part of the Dragonfish network. This didn’t quite ring true but what also did quite add up was the number of players in the rooms of Rio Bingo just a day after launch.

It was time to put our investigative hats on and do a little more digging and dig we did only to uncover something that left us a little disheartened. Where we had thought that Rio Bingo, City Bingo, Fancy Bingo and Sing Bingo were all standalone brands – they actually aren’t. They appear to be on some sort of internal Mandalay Media Bingo Network.

Below you can see a selection of comparative images that clearly show that the games are the same, simply look at the player numbers, time until next game and the prize money. Please note: that we have only shown a couple of examples or we would have been here all day taking screenshots from each of the brands.

The first comparison is between Rio Bingo and City Bingo and a 75 ball room. As you can see the pot prize, number of players and time until next game is the same – the only different is the room name:

75 ball room comparison between Rio and City Bingo

The second shows a comparison between a 90 ball room at Sing and another at Rio Bingo.

90 ball room comparison between Rio and Sing Bingo

The final image shows all of the three free play rooms at Rio and at City.

Free bingo comparison between Rio and City Bingo

Of course none of this changes the gaming experience on offer from any of the four brands BUT it all seems very underhand to us. Whilst the actual games are networked, the chat rooms are standalone – which explains why it is often the case that a winner will be ‘out of chat’ and results in chat points being paid out less frequently on these sites.

We feel that there is an element of deceit from the Mandalay Media sites, having seen the screen shots, what do you think and does it make any difference to your opinion of the brands?

Whilst we do feel deceived, we can’t fault the brands in other areas like promotions and welcome offers so for us, it’s just a case of rewording a few reviews and bringing the information to the attention of our readers.

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