The Bingo Godz Chat Experience

Bingo Godz is now open and ready to receive players but do take into consideration that the brand has not ‘officially’ launched yet. There are a few more tweaks and adjustments to be made but you can still pop along and take a look at what this new site has to offer. That’s exactly what we did yesterday in order to update our review and we wanted to share the Bingo Godz chat experience with you.

As stalwart fans of the online game we are often left disappointed by chat hosts and how little effort is now put in to interact with players. The social aspect of the game seems to have been lost at many sites with hosts seeming disinterested and bored a lot of the time. This certainly wasn’t the case at Bingo Godz with host CM_Tinkerbell.

From the moment you entered the room, and we only had access to one, she asked questions of each player – ‘Is this your first time here?’ ‘Was that you first win at Bingo Godz?’ and generally tried to strike up conversations. Admittedly there we only eight players in the room so chat wasn’t moving too fast or filled with 3TG, 2TG etc. but even with small player numbers, we often see little from the hosts other than macros sprinkling lucky dust or congratulatory comments for winners. CM_Tinkerbell is, in our humble opinion, a prime example of a great chat host.

Did we just get lucky or are all hosts at Bingo Godz as friendly? We popped along again yesterday at midday but sadly the room wasn’t hosted so we cannot make the comparison. Our hope is that all the hosts at this new site take a leaf our of CM_Tinkerbell’s book.

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