The Voice Of The Bingo Godz Balls

Today we visited Bingo Godz and were actually able to register and play at the site (although we have yet to update our review accordingly) and were we surprised when we heard the voice of the balls! We always knew that this new brand was going to be a keeper because of the people behind the scenes and the amount of cash being thrown into the development and advertising of the brand and the advert hasn’t even been shown yet and already the celebrity involvement is apparent.

Listen to the bingo callers voice and unless you have head your head buried in the sand, it will sound VERY familiar. The voice of the Bingo Godz balls is none other than Brian Blessed!

Of course, you may be substantially younger than most of the team and not be overly familiar with this chap but he has been the voice for many a character and of course, many a character in popular films, television and theatre productions.

If you are of a certain generation then listening to the calls, especially ‘Gordon’s Alive – Five’ may take you back to the 1980’s and the Flash Gordon film where Brain played Prince Vultan.

There are many more strings and credits to this chaps bow, too many too list here, but we will leave you with this thought – which of the Bingo Godz do you think bears an uncanny resemblance to Mr Blessed? Also, with several ‘Godz’ to please at the new site, will we hear any other famous voices alongside Brian’s either at the site or in the commercial for the brand?

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