Tickety Boo Bingo And Marie Curie Cancer Care

Charity bingo is not a new concept, far from it – in fact there are already several different brands online today who donate to various worthy causes. However, it has been quite a while since we saw a new brand launch but recently Tickety Boo Bingo joined the Dragonfish network. The brand is owned and operated by Marie Curie with all net profits from this brand being donated to the Marie Curie nursing services.

Tickety Boo Bingo is actually the second charitable brand to launch on the Dragonfish brand to support a cancer charity, Pink Ribbon Bingo opened in September 2010. This site gives just 15% of their gross revenue directly to Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

Tickety Boo may seem quite an odd name for a site supporting nursing services for cancer sufferers but when you look at the meaning (in good order, or fine), isn’t that what all patients are hoping to feel.

About Marie Curie Cancer Care

In 1948 the National Health Service was born and shortly after the Marie Curie Hospital joined the NHS. The name Marie Curie was preserved for the charitable medical field. It was here that the Marie Curie Memorial Foundation was started, a charity that works towards alleviating the suffering that cancer causes.

Marie Curie Cancer Care dedicates itself to the following:

  • providing specialist homes for the care of cancer patients
  • providing nursing for patients at home
  • educating the public on the symptoms and treatment of cancer
  • providing urgent welfare needs

When you play at Tickety Boo Bingo, all of the net profit from the site will be donated to Marie Curie Cancer Care.

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