Sale Mecca Player Scoops New Jackpot

They say all good things come to those who wait and that has turned out to be true for the very lucky Pat Alcock of Manchester, who has just scooped the first Mecca Bingo National Jackpot at the tender age of 74. She won a whopping £115,000 on Saturday at the local club in Sale.

She didn’t even tell her husband who picked her up for drive home from the bingo as she didn’t want him to get over excited and take his eyes off the road. Whilst a great surprise for Pat, it’s obviously a let down for players across the rest of the country in Mecca Bingo Clubs who were all hoping that they’d be the first to grab the new jackpot.

It has to be said that Pat deserves this bit of luck, as she has been playing three nights a week at Mecca Bingo in Sale, and started playing 47 years ago! She doesn’t know what she will spend the winnings on, but bearing in mind that she has three children, six grandchildren and three great grandchildren a sizeable portion is probably going to be spread around the family.

She said that her sister’s bracelet that she wore every night at the bingo may have something to do with the win, and although it may be more to do with pure luck, it’s a lovely sentiment, and lucky charms are something that give bingo halls that ‘human touch’.

After having gone to the club for so long she obviously knew many of the staff, and to celebrate, the club is going to have a party for her. Congratulations Pat! It was a long time coming, but, well worth the wait. Original article.

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