Corrie Comes To Mecca Bingo

Coronation Street is the nation’s favourite soap (that’s official, it regularly outdoes East Enders in the viewing figures!). Bingo is one of the nation’s favourite games, and we’re talking about people actually playing, not watching the game.

So it’s great when the two of them come together as they did recently when Coronation Street star Anthony Cotton called the numbers at Mecca Bingo in Bolton. He was there to publicise the Carers trust which has been set up by Mecca Bingo and Grosvenor Casinos’ owners, the Rank Group.

The Carer’s Trust is there to provide support for unpaid carers who support family members who have to look after relatives without receiving any official recognition, or more importantly any financial support. The trust has a big job on their hands as the army of unpaid carers is huge, many of them being unable to work as they need to look after sick family members and cannot afford to pay for care unless on a large income.

Anthony was a great choice as he is a local lad, and if he hadn’t made it as an actor it wouldn’t take too much of a stretch of the imagination that he would have ended up as a bingo caller anyway.

Beneficiaries of the trust will receive support in a variety of ways, anything from household appliances to getting away for the weekend. Well done to the Rank Group for launching this initiative, it’s a shame carers have to rely on charities for support, but at least their needs are recognised by someone willing to do something about it. And well done Anthony Cotton for appearing at the club and putting his stage abilities to the test with a bit of bingo calling. Original article.

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