Helen Flanagan Joins The Bingo Godz

Bingo Godz already have the wonderful Brian Blessed as the bingo caller, but it seems they’re looking to rack up the celebrity appearances as they enrol ex-Corrie star Helen Flanagan in the role of Helena the Mancunian Goddess of Love. Ms Flanagan has just appeared in a shoot in her guest God role and pretty soon you’ll even be able to look out for an avatar version of her at the website too!

It seems since Corrie fame, Helen Flanagan hasn’t done much in the way of acting, but she seems to be absolutely everywhere! Whether it’s falling out of her dress or taking wing mirrors off with her big Range Rover, she’s never out of the news. However all things considered, she doesn’t scrub up too badly for the ad with her angel wings and angelic dress as one of the Bingo Godz.

When the pictures were released yesterday there was no sign of Helen Flanagan on the Bingo Godz website, but she’s there today, all pouty and in bed with flaming red hair. She’s minus her wings in this shot, but we suspect the other pictures are likely to surface soon in some promotional fashion.

Bingo Godz has certainly made a mark since its launch, a brand new software players were unsure at first but the site does seem to be going from strength to strength. At the launch there were minimum promotions, but big sign up bonuses, but more recently the promotions have expanded and the welcome bonuses have levelled out, a sure sign a new site is finding its feet!

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