Time To Get Rid Of eBingo?

Ever since electronic bingo was introduced it has been subject to mixed opinions. Some players see it as a good thing as it moves bingo into the 21st Century, others see it as a bad thing precisely because of that, they don’t want to be moved in the 21st Century, they’d rather the old one.

One argument for them is that it may enable some players with physical impairments to play the game, whereas the marking of the cards manually may not be possible. Other than that though, the main support player-wise probably comes only from the players who like to purchase so many cards that they could never possibly mark them off, simply to put them in a better chance of winning.

A lot of players deem the eBingo practise to be unfair, and although there will always be someone complaining about someone else winning, the the finger is regularly pointed at a disproportionate amount of wins going to players on the tabs (we get a lot of comments on this topic, so we know what we’re talking about).

However it could be argued that eBingo is there for all, so, if a bingo player genuinely believes that they get a better chance of winning with automatic cards, then why don’t they use them instead of manually marking theirs?

This is where it comes to the crux of the matter. Players do want to win, there is absolutely no doubt in that, and if anyone says they don’t care whether they win or not, ask them the same question again, and look them squarely in the eyes. Players do want to win, but that is only part of it. A night out at the bingo is what it is all about, and the actual marking of the cards plays an integral part in this, and, as I’m sure the players themselves are also aware, the marking of the cards has a positive effect on their neurological well being. Although Chicago’s Rush University Medical Center may claim there’s a whole raft of health benefits from playing bingo (at a hall), we’re happy with a simple ‘marking cards is good for the brain’.

From a club perspective, outside of the more traditional independents located in the seaside resorts, for the main, eBingo is here to stay, especially as the larger chains are doing their best to attract a younger audience, and updating technology does definitely play its part in this.

But, the question is probably an academic one. If you put it to a vote across the bingo playing nation the resounding response would probably be an overwhelming ‘Get Rid’, but unfortunately, the clubs probably make too much money from eBingo, and, as noted it may go some way to help in the fight to attract a younger audience. Anyway, it is a question worth asking, so, please let us know what you think by leaving a comment below: eBingo, keep or drop?

One thought on “Time To Get Rid Of eBingo?

  1. hate the touchpads and wizards bingo is pen and pper books in our club books don’t win much its always electronics and its not fair also I feel sorry for the old people as they hardly win I play gala club leicester

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