Charity Bingo In Braunton

Bingo is not just about bingo halls and clubs, the game takes places in countless small venues across the country every week. And, the main reason many events are held is to raise money for charity.

Of course the big chains do their bit for charity, most noticeably over Christmas with several clubs setting up Christmas trees for presents for children in local hospitals. But outside of the industry, bingo still remains as popular as ever as a source of fundraising (along with a bit of fun).

Many of the bingo events are run by small groups who offer their services on a voluntary basis to help local worthy causes. The latest group to get back in the game is Braunton Bingo in Devon, who are just kicking off the year’s sessions tonight at the Parish hall.

They are currently trying to raise cash for the granddaughter of one of the players who suffers from a muscle wasting disease and needs a wheelchair. Unbelievably, she is not eligible for a free one until she is six years old, and is currently only five.

Thankfully locals have put their energy into raising cash for her instead of spending their time ranting against an obviously unfair code. Five year old girls are at that age when they are really too big for pushchairs, and definitely too big too be carried for any length of time. I sincerely hope that the local health board is shamed by the fact that a young girl is having to rely on charity for a wheel chair, and publicity forces them to act on what is a ludicrous drawing of the line.

There is something about bingo and charity, perhaps it is the community connection, as it is the community which recognises need, as they actually physically see it, and bingo is a community game. We salute the organisers of charity bingo events and their support workers across the country and wish Braunton Bingo the best of luck in raising funds for the young girl. Original article.

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