Last Call For Bingo Blake

Jobs come and go, but if you find a job you love it’s great if you can hang on to it, which is what bingo caller Blake Robson has been doing for the past 23 years. Mind you, if you’re a club with the man voted Bingo Caller Of The Year you’d be reluctant to see him go, so his future was probably always secure.

Sadly however, Blake has decided to call time on his calling and is moving on to a career in performance. He’s got oodles of experience on the public stage, but obviously he’s got other talents that he wants to explore, so Thursday 27th of March was his last session at Mecca Bingo in South Shields.

He is said to have called 64 million numbers, and while we’re not really sure if that number is accurate we do know that he has called a hell of a lot of balls. He estimates that about £16 million has been won during his sessions, which is probably one of the reasons he’s so popular at the club.

His memories of the club are good ones, and he is obviously someone who loved his work. To be good at a job you’ve got to like what you are doing, and it certainly helps to have your glass half full. Bingo is a very social activity (as long as you’re not talking during the calling!), and Blake has made friends of players over the years, which is something that cannot be measured, but nevertheless, making friends is an immeasurable yet very important part of life, and to do so whilst being paid is an added bonus.

It’s good to see someone make their mark in their job, and while it will be sad for the regulars to see Blake go, we wish him all the best in his new career. Original article.

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