A New Brand, Elf Bingo

At this time of year, when you think elves you think green tights, red tunic and candy canes – at least we do. When we heard of the launch of a new bingo site called Elf Bingo, that’s exactly what we were expecting to find when we visited for the first time. However, thinking about it, that would make no sense – it would be silly to launch a seasonal bingo site and certainly not of great interest to players.

Don’t be misled though, there is an elf adorning the home page of this new brand and we are sure that he will be named affectionately by the loyal players at the brand given time. Whilst the mascot of Elf Bingo may be currently unnamed, we can tell you the network and software that the site has chosen to go with….

It’s actually the 13th brand to opt for the Jumpman Gaming software as part of the 15 Network; it joins our site Tidy Bingo.

Does the site bring anything different to the bingo table? In all honesty, at this point in time the answer is no BUT we do now, having had a brief conversation with the brand owner, that there are plans afoot to offer some exclusive promotions and deals to all players at Elf Bingo.

What we like about Elf Bingo and the network itself is that there are no account restrictions in so far as multiple sign ups. Of course you can’t have multiple accounts at one site BUT you are allowed to register at ALL sites on the network and claim all of the first deposit bonuses and free wheel spins.

Even if that is the only reason that you sign up and deposit with Elf Bingo, it’s worth it.

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