Mel B The New Face Of Costa Bingo

Costa Bingo is starting the New Year with a new look, and a brand new television advert, launching ex Spice Girl Mel B as the new face of Costa Bingo. Mel B has been a pretty big name over the years, with the Spice Girls and more recently America’s Got Talent, but she’s never been as big as she is now, channelling King Kong for this brand new bingo ad.

In the advert, Mel B is shown wandering the streets of London, but it’s not the wander you might expect. She’s bigger than Tower Bridge, bigger than the Gherkin, and finally comes to rest for a sit down on a skyscraper to play Costa Bingo.

The ad shows the giant Mel B eventually grab a tablet pc from an advertising hoarding, sit down and log onto Costa Bingo. A bystander declares her ‘massive’ to which she replies ‘if you think I’m massive, get a load of this jackpot’. The feature of the tablet in the ad shows how the industry is moving to mobile more and more every day, and it seems to indicate that mobile bingo is the future of the nation’s most popular game.

Here’s the ad, and Mel B in her full upstanding glory, see what you think:

The affiliation with Mel B and the ad campaign is reported to be worth around £12 million, but Mel says she isn’t in it for the money. Being from Leeds, she says her northern roots are based around Friday night community bingo and talks about how excited she is to be the face of one of the UK’s most popular bingo brands.

As well as the bingo ad, you can see Mel B towering over Costa Bingo on their homepage right now, she’s not too ‘Scary’ but she’s certainly a big personality, look out for her next time you visit.

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