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Bubble Bonus Bingo launched just before Christmas, a new brand on the Dragonfish network owned by Quick Think Media who have just been sold to Gaming Realms (the company behind Bingo Godz). Although a networked brand the site brings with it some quite unique features that make it a far more interesting prospect than the 100+ other sites on the Dragonfish network. As well as unique features this brand is also advertising its wares on television.

Here we take a look at the Bubble Bonus Bingo advert and whether it actually gets across its unique selling point enough that viewers, whether novice players or stalwart fans of the game will want to visit and register to play.

The full length commercial is 30 seconds long and starts with the sound that you hear when you visit the site, a sound of bubbles. On the screen you see bubbles too – there’s the brand connection straight off the bat. You can also see the logo immediately as the voiceover says “Pop in and play Bubble Bonus Bingo”

What we were looking for in the advert was that it gets across the Bubble Bonus game and/or challenge – the two unique features of the site and we weren’t disappointed. After the welcome bonus has been shown the Bubble Pop game was shown. Whilst the commercial isn’t as impressive as some we have seen from more established brands, it is certainly “bubbly”. However, our concern is that Bubble Bonus Bingo is not a catchy name, but a search for “bingo advert with bubbles” soon had the brand at the tip of our fingers.

What do you think of the Bubble Bonus Bingo advert?

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