Dragonfish Sites Sold To 8 Ball Games

A recent email that we received told of the acquisition of several Dragonfish networked brands by 8 Ball Games. This company, who already own numerous sites across many different networks and platforms, have recently bought seven sites all on the Dragonfish network. The email wasn’t to inform us of the sale of the brands as such but to ask us to remove links, banners and any other marketing material for the sites involved from Playing Bingo.

Bingo 4 Her is one of the brands that have been sold to 8 Ball Games, a site that has been around since 2005 and for affiliates like ourselves who have promoted the brand for many years, this means that there will be no more revenue generated by the brand.

You’ll notice that all of the sites that have been sold remain on Playing Bingo, all that has changed is that we have offered you alternative options for what is in essence, the same gaming experience.

The sites that have been sold to 8 Ball Games are:

  • Bingo 4 Her
  • Bingo Flirt
  • Coffee Bingo
  • Cocktail Bingo
  • Golden Pound
  • Pound Bingo

Of course, we are not suggesting for one moment that you do not play at these sites – far from it. From a player’s perspective it is business as usual when you step through the virtual doors of the sites in question. We just no longer have the tools to actively promote the brands in question.

Who knows what 8 Ball Games have planned for the future, online bingo domination perhaps? A standalone brand?

If you’d like to see a full list of all the brands on the Dragonfish network, click here.

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