Full Monty Stripping Gets Ayr Mecca Bingo In Trouble

We recently reported on an advertised night of stripping in Mecca Bingo in Catford, and although we don’t know how the evening went we’re guessing that it went well, as other Mecca clubs have recently been following suit. The Scottish based Fantasy Boys have recently been getting their kit off in Mecca’s Romford, Aberdeen, and Paisley clubs.

However, due to local council licensing laws, the Fantasy Boys didn’t go the ‘Full Monty’ in Paisley, although they did go all the way in Ayr Mecca Bingo, and as such have probably broken South Ayrshire licensing conditions.

South Ayrshire Licensing Board may now be put in a position where they will have to review the club’s licence due to a breach of regulations. The regulations forbid entertainment that is ‘provided mainly for the sexual gratification or titillation of the audience’. Whilst the law and local council regulations are always open to interpretation, Mecca are unlikely to get away with this one (but if they do, we’d love to hear how!).

We’re hoping that the club just gets a slap on the wrist, or it may even open up a debate on ‘local lewdity’, as to be fair to Mecca they are only trying to drum up a bit of business by adding a bit of risque entertainment. Besides which, there were no complaints made, in fact it appears that the show went down well with positive comments coming from the audience.

Some of the pensioners were apparently shocked, as they hadn’t paid to see the boys and so weren’t expecting it. At least one bingo club now has a defibrillator just in case their any of their elderly clients get too excited at a bingo win, and if this ‘bingo stripping’ trend continues, other clubs may need to do the same, or at least have a bucket of cold water on hand or some smelling salts.

A bit of harmless fun perhaps, but, ‘rules is rules’, although we do hope that the club doesn’t suffer lisencing problems, as we’re sure bingo regulars would miss their nights out. Please be kind and forgiving South Ayrshire Licensing Board. Original article.

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