Carlton Bingo’s Excellent Charity Record

Carlton Bingo operate eighteen bingo halls throughout Scotland and the North East of England. Since 2006 they have raised over £100,000 for local charities. The charities were chosen as they were foremost in the minds of club patrons and staff.

The money has gone to breast cancer charities, as well as Alzheimer Scotland and MFR Cash for Kids. The full list of donations is below, and shows a continuing commitment by the chain to keep of the tradition of charity events.

If you haven’t about MFR Cash for Kids, it’s a radio station based charity (Moray Firth Radio), the charitable wing of the company’s mission being to help children. It’s very sad that although the poor houses may have gone, and TB has been all but eradicated, but there is still the need for charities to support children in need. Despite the poor economy, there is probably more money being spent on perfume this Christmas, than support of needy children.

And likewise, money that could be invested into cancer and Alzheimer’s research ends up being spent on bailing out and supporting financial institutions. But, that, unfortunately is just the way that it is (for the moment). It’s just fortunate that there are plenty of ventures out there, who do realise that, despite having to ensure that enough money is made to keep people in jobs, and roofs over heads, it is better to give than to receive! Well done Carlton Bingo.

Carlton Bingo’s Charity Donations

  • Over £13,000 to Alzheimer Scotland in 2012
  • Over £13,000 to Breakthrough Breast Cancer in 2011
  • Over £15,000 to Breakthrough Breast Cancer in 2010
  • Over £2,000 to MFR Cash for Kids (raised in the Inverness Bingo Club)
  • Over £9,000 to Breakthrough Breast Cancer in 2009
  • Over £2,000 to MFR Cash for Kids (raised in the Inverness Bingo Club
  • Over £18,000 to Breakthrough Breast Cancer in 2008
  • Over £18,000 to Breast Cancer Awareness in 2007
  • Over £21,000 to Breakthrough Breast Cancer in 2006

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