Are Bingo Brands Saving For Christmas?

Once upon a time it used to be that you could visit the big name brands like Wink, Foxy, 888Ladies etc. and find a whole plethora of interesting promotions. Of late we have noticed that the ‘great’ promotions that we have been used to are becoming less and less which made us ask the question […]

Bingo Ads Include Mouseovers To Get Around ASA

We’ve noticed a change in gambling ads across the Internet in the last few weeks and we can only assume it’s down to several ASA rulings, where companies have been rapped for failing to include terms and wagering requirements. Now, many sites are employing a new type of as, where you rollover the ad with […]

Are All Foxy Bingo Players ‘Lookers’?

On Monday 5th November Foxy Bingo held its first ever bingo dating event and in attendance were a whole plethora of male stars. According to the promotional information for the event 20 ‘lucky ladies’ were in attendance. Foxy had run a competition at the site where players were asked to email in with details of […]

MummyWoo Wins Jackpot At BingoCams Celebrity Event

Click here to play at BingoCams BingoCams hosted their first ever Celebrity Event on Friday 6th April where Brooke Kinsella took to the webcams to give away a whole plethora of prizes including a £1,000 guaranteed jackpot. The lucky winner was ‘Mummywoo’ but the event had more than this jackpot on offer with a “well-known” […]

Back In Business, The Return Of Playing Bingo

You’d be forgiven for thinking the site had gone the way of the dodo the last couple of years. I’m as shocked it’s taken as long myself. The old blog shut down in April 2010, due to Blogger removing support for FTP publishing. My aim was to take the opportunity to build a new blog, […]

Early Bird Bonus For The 5th Online Bingo Summit

You’ll have to excuse the lack of action around these parts recently, there’s a couple of big things happening at the moment that are affecting my ability to post here. First up, Blogger dropped a bombshell that they would no longer be supporting FTP publishing to external sites from the end of March. As the […]

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