Not Quite Worshipping The Bingo Godz

When we first heard that a new brand was set to be launched by the big names behind Cashcade we were really excited and rightly so. After all, these big bingo brains took Foxy Bingo to epic heights and it continues to be a brand on every player’s lips. However we are finding ourselves a little disappointed with the Bingo Godz offering at the moment and have to keep reminding ourselves from little acorns and all that…

Bingo Godz has many plus points; a unique concept, proprietary software, no deposit required welcome bonus, jackpot games and much more besides BUT we are finding their promotional schedule more than a little dull with no substance at all.

Of course we aren’t expecting the brand to offer up really large jackpots or expensive prizes at this point in time, we understand they are only just starting out, but we did expect something a little more than just the collection of the Godz to keep players entertained and interested by the brand.

Don’t get us wrong – we like the Lucky Number concept, the chance to win something more if you bingo on it and we like the idea of collecting Godz with each bringing an extra reward should they appear but there just isn’t enough to keep you coming back to worship the Godz in our opinion.

What do you like about this fairly new site? What would you like to see more of at Bingo Godz? Or do you think the site is perfect as it is?

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