Are Bingo Brands Saving For Christmas?

Once upon a time it used to be that you could visit the big name brands like Wink, Foxy, 888Ladies etc. and find a whole plethora of interesting promotions. Of late we have noticed that the ‘great’ promotions that we have been used to are becoming less and less which made us ask the question ‘Are bingo brands saving for Christmas?’

The online bingo market place has changed a lot over the years – from the welcome bonus structures, to new software and of course, the introduction of free bingo 24/7 and advertising on television. All of this is great to attract the players through the doors but what has happened to player retention by the impressive promotions. Is it that we as players have higher expectations of the brands now?

Could it be that the player liquidity, the value of each player per brand, is a lot lower simply because there are so many brands online today and therefore with less money being played at any given brand, the promotional prizes and offers have to be reduced accordingly?

That said some brands are still working hard with their promotional schedule. One brand instantly springs to mind and that is Costa Bingo. Whilst the prizes they offer may not be highly priced, they maintain a players interest in our opinion (and certainly make our job easier for content).

Of course it could be that promotions have tailed off at the moment because Christmas is now just four months away and we all know that this means a whole plethora of big jackpot games and cars to be won. The brands may simply be tightening their promotional budget to account for a bigger and better offer for the festive season.

As a player, what makes you choose one brand over another? Is the promotional schedule past the deposit bonuses something you actually look at?

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