Are All Foxy Bingo Players ‘Lookers’?

On Monday 5th November Foxy Bingo held its first ever bingo dating event and in attendance were a whole plethora of male stars. According to the promotional information for the event 20 ‘lucky ladies’ were in attendance. Foxy had run a competition at the site where players were asked to email in with details of their celeb crush for the chance to be at the event, implying that it would be the players ‘speed dating’ the celebs.

Having watched the video of the event, I was inclined to ask myself if all Foxy Bingo players are lookers because from the clip, they all looked like models to me! I didn’t catch a glimpse of any larger ladies or average looking women, just bean poles and ‘foxy’ women!

The entry requirements for the competition are shown below:

Celebrity Dating With Foxy Bingo
Celebrity Bingo Dating Competition Rules

As you can see, a picture was required with each entry. Did the eight celebs get to look at the pictures and choose which players they wanted at the event? Were all of the attendees competition winners?

Take a look at the video:

If you visit any online bingo brand and look at their winners pages, for the most part, you will find average looking women (and some men), not the stunners that appear in the Foxy Bingo dating clip! On the Foxy Bingo winners pages there are a few player’s pictures shown, of which probably three or four wouldn’t have looked out of place at the dating event.

I’m sure that it was a great event, that those in attendance had a fabulous night meeting the likes of Jack Green, Lucien Laviscount, James Argent, Sam Cussins, Romeo, Richard Hounslow, Charlie King and Gaz Beadle, (it’s only Gaz that I had heard of) but how many of the ladies were actual players from the site?

An article has already appeared in Ok! Online referencing Mr Argent’s flirtatious manner with one journalist at the event and intimating that Gemma Collins won’t be happy, great PR for the brand! You can fault their marketing team for keeping the Foxy brand in the public eye.

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