Is Bird Really The Word With William Hill Bingo?

The chances are you will have seen the new William Hill Bingo advert in the commercial breaks whilst watching TV recently but whilst we love the soundtrack of the commercial, is bird really the right word for an online bingo brand? When The Trashmen penned the song Surfin’ Bird, do you think they thought for a moment it would linked with a geeky looking bloke in glasses in an oversized bird costume.

More to the point, what were William Hill Bingo thinking? Could it be that they are hoping their mascot will soon be as well known as the fox from Foxy Bingo or simply that they had the slogan, “Everyone loves a little flutter” and the song and the bird was just an afterthought?

Whether you love or hate the Foxy Bingo mascot, the branding for the site means that it is a name everyone knows and it could be that this is the thought process behind the new advert for William Hill. After all, even if people find the commercial irritating, it’s done the job because the brand is etched in your mind; you only have to look at the Compare The Market or the Go Compare adverts to know this is true.

Additionally, look on Twitter about the previous Sun Bingo commercials featuring Bubbles and you’ll find a whole plethora of comments about the tune being stuck in a viewer’s head. So whilst you may be wondering “What the hell?” when watching the William Hill Bingo advert on TV, the brand will be one that sticks in your head and therefore the marketing agency have done their job well.

Here is the commercial just in case you haven’t see it:


One thought on “Is Bird Really The Word With William Hill Bingo?

  1. You have to wonder if William Hill are leaving themselves open to ASA complaints – could the bird be appealing to children? I’m sure some other company might try to find out…

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