Review: BBC Four’s “Eyes Down! The Story Of Bingo”

I was quite excited to catch “Eyes Down! The Story Of Bingo” (part of the Timeshift documentary strand) for a number of reasons. Firstly because I spoke to the researchers for the programme last year; and secondly because there’s not to my knowledge been such an in-depth documentary done about the game’s history here. The […]

I’ve Heard Of Bingo Balls, But This Is Ridiculous…

Ok, so there I was checking on some sites for research purposes, and I found myself looking at Gone Bingo, whom I hadn’t visited for a while. The first thing I noticed was their 6th birthday celebration graphic at the top of the page. I looked at it for at least a second before my […]

Daily Record Bingo Closed Or Not Renewed?

The Cashcade Network has a number of news and magazine sites in it – one of them is for the Scottish newspaper The Daily Record. Well, at least it did, but at this moment the site is down and out, despite still being linked too from the Daily Record’s homepage. Incredibly, a quick look at […]

Introducing The 1st Playing Bingo Short Story Competition

Budding authors take note, Playing Bingo is launching a brand new competition that will be right up your street. We’ve got some great prizes up for grabs in our Short Story Competition, with a top prize of £300; and, unlike many other short story competitions it’s free to enter, as long as you’re over 18 […]

World Wide Underground Rebel Bingo Club

The Underground Rebel Bingo Club Feels like an age ago that I last spoke of the Underground Rebel Bingo Club, and how retail bingo could take some pointers from their anarchic, non-traditional take on bingo. I was searching around for something else and our paths crossed again, and I was amazed to see how far […]

Playing Bingo

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