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Ok, things are looking a little different around here right about now so you may have spotted our upgrade/redesign has occurred. First things first, there are lots of things I need to fix and will be doing so as time goes on. We’ve still got stuff to transfer across, reviews to update and transferred sections to fix up. There will be mistakes, there are things missing and things are in different places.

But, if I waited till that was all perfect, it would be another year before I could make these much-needed changes! So, I’ve dived in, moved everything that I can to the new system and will start the repairs now the site is live. It was important to make these structural changes to the site, as things have changed so much in the 14 years since the site was first set up, that we were a good decade behind the times.

The old site had structural issues and was not optimised for mobile devices. When we last updated the site design, less than 5% of our visitors were on smartphones. These days it’s more than 70% of our visitors that come via mobile devices. The new site is responsive and will display better on those devices. We’ve also decided to simplify a lot of the things that were on the site. Whilst we still look at the bingo sites we review in depth, we’ve now compressed all their various locations to one page about that site. So in the past, where we had the same brand in both the mobile, online and bonus sections, now it’s all on one page.

The review and club pages now also have a tabbed feature, where you can select the info you need rather than delivering it all in one long page. The info’s there, it’s just not all put in front of you in one go. There’s other stuff too, a new (and at present very small) Slots section, as we recognised that you bingo players can’t resist a good spin on the slots. We’ll be adding more as time goes on, and looking at them with the same critical eye we do when we review the bingo sites.

The old site still sits where it is for the time being, but where the content is moved you will be redirected to its new location. You may inadvertently find yourself on the old site, but if that’s the case, just clicking home should shift you straight back to the new site. Some of the older content has been shelved, we cut back in a few areas, basically because nobody was ever really checking into them.

There’s a lot to take in, and we hope you enjoy the new site, with all its flaws and things that need to be fixed. We’re working on the fixes in the background, but in the meantime, you can rest assured that one of the UK’s oldest and most trusted bingo portals is doing its utmost to carry on with the great content and info you’ve come to love here, albeit in a swanky new hat.

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