End Of An Era At Playing Bingo

Things they are a changing around Playing Bingo in coming weeks and months. The first big change is we will be saying goodbye to our resident Bingo Queen Nickie Shute, who finishes working here today. Over the best part of a decade, Nickie has been the voice of PlayingBingo.co.uk, covering developments in the world of online bingo from great promotions to not-so-great behaviour from online bingo companies.

It’s been a time of great flux in the industry, with hundreds of sites opening, closing, moving platforms and regulatory changes changing the face of online bingo. The one constant has been Nickie’s unswerving dedication to the game, and covering it in all its various guises and moods. At times Nickie has been a lone voice, standing up for the bingo players out there whilst other sites have just parroted the company line in thinly veiled advertorials. At other times her insights into the minds of bingo players and what makes us all tick have been second to none. With her unique take on the industry, Playing Bingo has been blessed with not one of, but, ‘the’ absolute best writer in the field of Online Bingo.

Nickie’s moving on coincides with a number of other changes here at the site. You can’t be blamed for noticing that the site is getting a bit long in the tooth, built on old web technologies that were at their foremost before the days of mobile devices and smartphones. Using the site on those platforms can be a trial at the best of times, so the time has come for major changes around here, and that’s just what’s about to happen.

For the last year Nickie and I have been working on a new look Playing Bingo, based on more modern technologies that will be a lot more friendly on mobile devices, and a lot easier for us to manage. It’s taken a long time, and at the moment it’s still a bit of a way away. We’re now working on transferring the old content from this site to the new one, and adding some other new stuff as well. It’s going to take a good couple of months to finalise, redirect, update, etcetera. With literally thousands of pages here on the old site, you can imagine it’s quite a task.

To that end, our blog section will be taking a break until the new site is ready to roll out. In the meantime this old site will still be here for checking reviews, checking site info and seeing what bingo sites we recommend. Some of the content will be consolidated, some of the old content that’s no longer relevant will disappear, its time done, and we’ll be widening our focus on the sort of sites and games we cover.

As for Nickie, we’re hoping we can lure her back from time to time for more of her wonderful bingo related wit, her laser-sharp insights and her battle to make bingo fair for all. Whatever she does next, I want to wish her all the best, and thank her for the years of service she’s done for the site. All the best Nickie, it truly is the end of an era as far as Playing Bingo is concerned!

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