Will Your Bingo Club Reopen?

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So, it’s been announced by Boris, Bingo Halls can reopen from the 4th of July after the big coronavirus lockdown of past months. However, the big question is, will they? At the moment there’s not a lot of detail out there about what the plans are. With the 4th of July ten days away, we are still waiting for any concrete announcements from the clubs about when and how they will reopen.

You will also have to bear in mind that many clubs may not reopen at all, as this forced shut-down may have proved too much for smaller clubs, smaller chains and independents. In some cases, having to apply social distancing measures in clubs which could lead to reduced capacity, which makes reopening not financially viable. So the question is, how can you check when your club will open its doors again?

Firstly, I would suggest you should sign up to your club’s Facebook or Twitter page. Most clubs these days run their own social media, so special announcements ae often made via those channels. In our Club Finder, look under the News tab on your club’s page. If the club has a twitter feed, it will display there. If they have a Facebook page, we’ve added a link to the ones we’ve found.

If you’re already on Facebook, then try searching for your local club. Some chains have a Facebook page for all their clubs, some have individual club pages. If you haven’t already checked, then that’s one place to go for information. We haven’t found all the clubs’ social media pages yet, and add them when we do. If we don’t have any links under the News tab, then have a search yourself, let us know, and we’ll add them to your club’s page.

Secondly, give the club a call. If they’re preparing to reopen, someone should be operating the phones, and they can provide you with the latest info on dates and times. Again, we have numbers for clubs in our Club Finder. You can start there, and if you can’t get the info you need, head over to Google and see if they have info for your club.

But what shape will this ‘new normal’ take for bingo clubs, to help keep its players safe? We’re still waiting to see how this will work in a busy club environment – seating only on every other table, face-masks, hand sanitisers around the hall and social-distancing one-way systems are all likely to make an appearance.

It will be interesting to see what else can be done in clubs to make things safe for players. However, here’s something that I would suggest you heed. If you don’t feel safe or have concerns, act on it. Remove yourself from the situation, highlight issues to management, and don’t risk it. Given the way this virus can spread, it pays to stay alert. It’s not worth dying for a game of bingo.

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