Donna Kunyo Wins Bingo Caller Of The Year 2019

Caller of The Year 2019 - Donna Kunyo, from Club 3000 Bingo, Middleton

Congratulations to Donna Kunyo who won the National Bingo Game Bingo Caller Of The Year 2019 last night at the grand final in Birmingham. Donna was crowned the winner from the 6 regional finalists, bagging the coverted title of Caller Of The Year (the first for 12 years!) and a £1,000 cash prize. Donna will spend the next year as an ambassador for the game, and hopefully have herself some adventures along the way!

The finalists either sang or entertained the crowd (not typical bingo caller duties, I must stress!) They also had to call the bingo for the club full of players, with the judges considering both their technical skills and entertainment value. Donna impressed the judges by belting out Dame Shirley Bassey’s song, “This Is My Life” (La Vita). Donna had this to say about her win.

“I am so overwhelmed right now. I still can’t believe that I’ve won and that I’m the National Bingo Game’s Caller of The Year! This day has been incredible from start to finish. I want to thank everyone who came and supported me and I can’t wait to celebrate with my club. The whole atmosphere today had been electric and it’s really what bingo is all about.”

Judging was carried out by Miles Baron, CEO of The Bingo Association, the previous Bingo Caller of The Year from back in 2007, Blake Robson, Variety representative Lyn Staunton and Deputy Leader of the Labour Party Tom Watson (who was presumably there keeping an eye on the Fruit Machine stakes…) You can read more about the event here. Let’s hope it’s not another 12 years before the next competition!

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