Slough Gala Bingo Gallery, New Lost Halls And Club Finder Additions

The exterior of Slough Gala Bingo For those of you with an interest in the halls we feature at the site, I’d like to highlight some of the new galleries and pages recently added. Kicking off are a collection of photographs kindly provided by Charles Jenkins, providing a great record of the decor, fittings and […]

Can Big Bingo Chains Attract Online Players From Their Clubs?

Click here to play at Gala Bingo Gala Bingo have just starting promoting an online bingo offer to their land based club members. Anyone who plays in their local club on the 25th of October 2012 will receive a bonus code that will enable them to access 10 hours of Free Superbooks, with £10,000 in […]

New Hall History Piece – The Kingston Gala

After a long break, Ian Grundy has returned with another fascinating insight into a grand old bingo hall, illustrated with Ian’s wonderful photographs. This latest piece looks at the development of the monstrously huge Kinston-Upon-Thames Gala Bingo hall. The hall started out as a church and was a theatre / cinema for a time before […]

Gala’s Everest Bingo Game Not The Highest?

First up today, congratulations to the 25 bingo players / Gala staff members that engaged in a game of bingo on the slopes of Everest last week. The event was more than a year in the planning, and arranged to raise money for Gala Coral’s nominated charity, Sue Ryder Care. It was a pretty momentous […]

Playing Bingo

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