The Cost Of Snow For Bingo

Now that the snow has cleared and looks like it will not be coming back in any big way Mecca Bingo’s owners Rank are counting the cost. Their profits for the month of January are down by 3 million pounds. The downturn in profits was not just down to lower bingo attendances as Rank also own Grosvenor Casinos, as well as a few other ventures.

Apart from wellie and sledge sales snow will always have a negative effect on a large part of the economy, although we don’t have any statistics for online bingo which may have had a bit of a boost due to a lot of people being housebound over the period.

Many business have seasonal factors which may effect their profits, and owners Rank are confident that they will do well throughout the rest of the year, and are in fact still trying to buy up the Gala chain of bingo clubs, so obviously the company is not in any serious financial trouble.

They must have taken a huge financial hit in the winter of 2011 when the snow was frozen solid for about two weeks. Like many people I took a small financial hit when my guttering came down under the weight of the snow, and an emotional one when half the plants in my garden (including a 40 year old fern) died in the freezing conditions.

The snow will always cause problems for some businesses, but, it always will, so, the best thing to do is make the most of it…I’m looking forward to the next flurry, and am hoping for a late bit of sledging in March.

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