Rev Up And Play Top Gear Bingo

Whether you are male or female, young or old, car fanatic or not the chances are you will have watched Top Gear at some point or another. It could be that you are subjected to it because the other half loves in in which case you might be interested in playing Top Gear Bingo!

The game is a free to play web app developed using the Monterosa’s LViS platform. You can play by visiting the BBC website (please note we couldn’t access the game via the UK page yet) or via Facebook by searching Top Gear Bingo. Games take place when a show is airing on TV and is currently in Beta mode. You can challenge your friends and try to beat their score.

The basics, taken from the site, give you clear instructions as to how to play. You will be given a random selection of items that are going to appear in the episode about to air. Watch the show and listen for items that appear on your card before clicking the relevant box. You can only click when you have seen or heard the item and it is only clickable for a short time. For every item that you collect you will earn 10 points.

Should you click on an item before or too long after it appeared in the episode then your Top Gear Bingo score will reduce by 5 points.

Could it be that we are set to see a pay to play brand launch called Top Gear Bingo? There is already an instant win game available on the Cozy Games software called Top Gear but the interest in the new BBC game is set to be far higher than that of a Cozy instant win game we feel!

Top Gear Bingo - BBC Australia
Top Gear Bingo – BBC Australia

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