Slough Gala Bingo Gallery, New Lost Halls And Club Finder Additions

The exterior of Slough Gala Bingo

The exterior of Slough Gala Bingo

For those of you with an interest in the halls we feature at the site, I’d like to highlight some of the new galleries and pages recently added. Kicking off are a collection of photographs kindly provided by Charles Jenkins, providing a great record of the decor, fittings and views of the Slough Gala Bingo on Bath Road. You can see the gallery here.

As you will see from the gallery, Gala Bingo in Slough is located in what used to be an old cinema, and there are several photographs showing details of the intricate interior decor that still remains in the venue, kept in good order for nearly a century. We’re keen to get lots of images of all the clubs here on the site as they help give a better insight into the clubs, especially when they’re photographs of the bingo in full swing, and the punters doing what they love best – playing bingo.

Another reason for adding galleries is for posterity. Bingo halls, like many other businesses have been suffering for quite a while now due to economic pressures which have unfortunately led to a lot of closures. However, we view the closure of a hall not merely as a business failure, but something cultural being removed from the community.

Many clubs reside in old theaters, and the buildings themselves are often of architectural and historical interest. Regrettably, all too often a club will close, and be bought up either for conversion to residential dwellings, or a large pub. When this happens, the venue is often either demolished, gutted, or at the least refurbished, and with it a bit of history is lost.

We have already amassed a substantial collection of photographs in our Lost Bingo Halls Section, but we want to do the same for the clubs that are still operating (whilst we still can!)

Talking of our Lost Halls section, there’s a couple of new clubs added that we’ve uncovered. Embassy Bingo in Seacombe closed in December 2012 due to years of running without making any money. Prior to that Gala Bingo in Leyton closed, and the venue has now been purchased by a church.

But it’s not all bad news, we’ve also added some new clubs that were previously errant from our club finder. New Century Bingo in Southampton has been added, as well as Roman Bank Bingo in Skegness. Also, Pavillion Bingo in Liverpool have reopened after having suffered both a fire and a burglary, and are apparently doing very well.

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