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It's rare that we get to see a collection of bingo hall photos taken by the same person, and this one cover pretty much every area and detail of the club. The pictures below show a lot of detail of the club's original interior design that was inherited from the Adelphi Theatre which opened in 1930, and was eventually taken over by Granada Bingo in 1973.

As you can see from the images below the venue has been well looked after and hasn't changed too much although the carpet is obviously a modern addition. Much of the freezework remains as do original fittings. The stage and proscenium appear to be intact which is great, as some theatres and cinemas went through complete refurbishment when converted to bingo use, destroying their original character in the process.

Our thanks to Charles S.P.Jenkins for allowing us to publish a vast set of quality photographs. Charles has a couple of websites that are not restricted to bingo. He has collected some amazing photographs and stories that tell a lot about London's history, and we recommend you have a look at his websites which although not bingo focussed are nevertheless extremely interesting.

East End Memories is a fairly big and interesting site that covers a lot of history and culture, focussing a lot on the way war shaped the lives of the area's residents. He also has his own Facebook page - Stories Of London where you can leave a message, and another website Stories Of London. He has also published stories which can be purchased via Amazon UK, or Amazon US. He has also written an account of the club for our site, which can be read here.

If you are interested in playing bingo at the club, please visit our Slough Gala Bingo club page for details of session times, address and telephone number.

Gala Bingo Slough exterior

Club exterior

Gala Bingo Slough Sign

Gala Bingo Sign

Gala Bingo Slough

The foyer

Gala Bingo Slough foyer

Detail of club carpet

Gala Bingo Slough stair rail

Detail of stair rail

Gala Bingo Slough Stairs circle

Stairs to the circle

Gala Bingo Slough Stairs auditorium

Stairs to the auditorium

Gala Bingo Slough old ceiling

Part of the old ceiling

Gala Bingo Slough

Ceiling freezework

Gala Bingo Slough Manager calling numbers

Manager calling the numbers

Gala Bingo Slough Entrance auditorium

Entrance to the auditorium

Gala Bingo Slough Ceiling decoration

Ceiling decoration

Gala Bingo Slough Ceiling light fixture

Ceiling light fixture

Gala Bingo Slough Ceiling decoration

Ceiling decoration

Gala Bingo Slough Wall decoration

Wall decoration

Gala Bingo Slough Ceiling freeze

Ceiling freeze

Gala Bingo Slough

View of the circle

Gala Bingo Slough punters

Happy and unhappy punters

Gala Bingo Slough circle

The circle

Gala Bingo Slough circle

Another view of the circle

Gala Bingo Slough circle wall

The circle - wall

Gala Bingo Slough Circle wall light

Circle wall light

Gala Bingo Slough Circle wall design

Circle wall design

Gala Bingo Slough Circle exit

Circle exit

Gala Bingo Slough Ceiling centrepiece

Ceiling centrepiece

Gala Bingo Slough Side proscenium

Side of proscenium

Gala Bingo Slough Ceiling curtains

Ceiling and curtains

Gala Bingo Slough ceiling freezework

More ceiling freezework

Gala Bingo Slough Wall freeze work

Wall freeze work

Gala Bingo Slough Top proscenium

Top of the proscenium

Gala Bingo Slough View from circle

View from the circle

Gala Bingo Slough View across stage

View across the stage

Gala Bingo Slough Circle barrier

Circle barrier

Gala Bingo Slough View across circle

View across the circle

Gala Bingo Slough Ceiling


Gala Bingo Slough Railing detail

Railing detail

Gala Bingo Slough Granada

1991 as a Granada Bingo hall

Gala Bingo Slough Granada

Gala Bingo in full swing

Gala Bingo Slough Granada

Worker at the hall

Gala Bingo building back

Back of the building

If you have any photos from this lost hall, be it of its interior, the staff, special events, parties, customers and more; and you'd like to share them here, please contact us to arrange adding them to the site.

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