Two Big Wins At Opera Bingo

Opera Bingo only have three clubs, so for two to pay out fairly big wins in the space of a week is good going. The first win was last Sunday at Opera Bingo in Whitehaven, when a lucky lady won £28,500.

Then, last Tuesday, a £23,000 jackpot was scooped at Workington Opera Bingo, another Cumbria based club. Opera Bingo have another club in Carlisle, and apparently the last time there were two successive wins, they were followed by a third in their other club. So, if word gets out, there’s probably going to be a lot of people turning up at the Carlisle club with their rabbits feet clutched firmly.

It’s quite heartening to see a small club dishing large big prizes, especially when you see a lot of complaints about the sizes of the prizes and the session prices from some of the larger chains (a complaint we often receive).

So, hats off to Opera Bingo, I’m sure the wins will not hurt attendance at their clubs. With many small and independents having problems of late I’m hoping that the wins will be a bit of a boost for Opera Bingo, as they had to close their Penrith club a couple of years ago. After years of falling profits the bingo club was closed as it was no longer economically viable, although the adjoining cinema was saved due to the efforts of local protestors. Lets hope the remaining three clubs are now a bit safer for the future. Original article.

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