Gala Bingo Upping Their Game

In these tough economic times no-one can afford to rest on their laurels, even those who’ve established themselves as market leaders have to be proactive in attracting more customers. Gala Bingo are going one step further and are going to be addressing bingo halls’ biggest problem when it comes to getting new players over the threshold.

For years the biggest problem has been the image of bingo halls, and Gala are going to tackle this problem through both advertising and a reinvention of their halls through their ‘bingo club’ concept.

Gala are set to create new lounge areas in their clubs which will offer players both bingo and low stake casino, as well as food and drink. We’re not sure how the bingo will differ in the lounges, but we are guessing that they may be ebingo only which will mean that the silence of the ‘eyes down’ is replaced with a more sociable atmosphere where players can chat and have a good time while their cards are being marked for them electronically.

The new concept may appeal to younger players who are looking for a bit of a ‘social’ and a flutter at the same time. The addition of low stakes casino may also add to the fun element and also be a way for people to have a go at table games without having to dress up for a casino.

Gala have hired advertising agency Michon (more) to take their concept forward through a campaign designed to realign the public concept of what a bingo hall is. If they do achieve what they set out to do it might have a knock on effect for other clubs, although they will have to follow suit in changing their clubs, otherwise new players may be disappointed on entering a traditional ‘blue rinse hall’.

Michon are hoping to attract new players to Gala Clubs through adverts featuring celebrity doubles playing bingo; Posh and Becks, Simon Cowell, and Joan Collins have been mentioned (although we’re not sure how the inclusion of the ageing UKIP Dynasty Diva is going to help, we’d even go so far as suggesting Gala dig a bit deeper into their pockets and getting the real Tess Daly on board).

We can’t wait for the campaign to take off, and more importantly, we can’t see if it actually works. What do you think? Have they got the right celebrity doubles? Any suggestions? Please leave a comment below if you’ve got a better idea.

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