Miles Baron Is New Bingo Association Chief Executive

The Bingo Association has announced that their current Chief Executive, Paul Talboys, has resigned with effect from today. Miles Baron is to take up the post as of Monday 8th October. Mr Talboys has been with the Association since May 2000, and has obviously seen the bingo industry through arguably its most turbulent era, one which saw many bingo halls brought to their knees by the smoking ban, as well as changes in taxation which appeared to single out the bingo industry. He may be a tough act to follow, as he has thirty years of experience in the game.

Mr Baron brings his own wealth of experience to his new role with 29 years experience working for Mecca Bingo in a variety of positions. His last six years with the company, prior to his resignation to take up the role of the Bingo Association’s Chief Executive, was that of Sales and Marketing Director.

Over recent years there has been much criticism of the management culture that grew out of the late seventies when the Conservative government took power. Whilst the health service was the main target, the policy of hiring managers who had no previous experience within a given industry was one that did inevitably spread across the private sector. Some political and economic commentators pointed their finger at this type of policy as being a contributor to much of the UK’s woes during the later twentieth century, the effects of which are still being felt today.

This policy is one however that the Bingo Association has obviously not taken on board. To take on a new Chief Executive with a background in an industry that he obviously now knows inside out is a good move in our opinion. He has been a member of The Association’s Executive Council since 2009, and coupled with his senior management roles, he would appear to be a good choice for the post.

We wish Mr Baron all the best for his future role, and hope that his involvement at such a high level within the association will be one that contributes to keeping the troubled land-based bingo industry afloat.

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