Beacon Bingo Sets House Win Record

Beacon Bingo in Cricklewood is the biggest bingo hall in Europe, and regularly pays out big prizes to its players. However, despite the obvious draw of the venue which recently had a makeover, the management are not resting on their laurels and on Sunday they set out to create a Guinness record by paying out £100,000 for a single full house.

Players came from all over the country to take part in the ‘Collosus’, and colossal it certainly was as not only did they achieve the record, but the big prize was one of several four figure sums handed to winning players throughout the night.

The winnings at Beacon Bingo in Cricklewood came big thick and fast throughout the night which started off with small ‘tasters’, with the prizes getting slowly bigger as they neared the crescendo of bingo hall prizes, that massive 100K.

The first games started off with £100 for a line, £200 for two lines, and £1,000 for a full house. Another 3 book game was played with smaller prizes for lines, but the same for a full house. After a brief break, it was back to the 1K full houses, with an increase on the line payouts.

The action really started picking up when the full house was increased to £5,000. Then, it got even hotter, with three games played with with £1,000 for one line, £2,000 for two lines and a full house of £10,000.

But the excitement’o’meter must have really hit ‘scorchio’ on the final game of the night where one lucky gent hit the 100K full house, after a £1,000 payout for one line, and a £2,000 payout for two lines. The winner’s wife had just given birth, so he must have been over the moon!

In all, aside from the big prizes there were 25 x £1,000 prizes amongst the others, so the odds of walking away with a nice Xmas box weren’t bad at all. If they ever run one of these nights again, we’re guessing there will be a bit of a queue!

It will be hard for Beacon Bingo to top that night, but perhaps they don’t need to top it, a ‘simple’ repeat would do the job, not everyone can win, but as bingo nights go this must have been one of the best in a bingo club anywhere.

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