Lucky Double At Croydon Mecca Bingo

The festive season is well and truly here, it seems to start earlier every year, and if it carries on at this rate there’ll be no need to take down the Christmas tree at all! And with holiday comes added expense, so any unexpected money is more of a cause for celebration than at pretty much any other time of year.

And if the extra cash comes from one of your favourite pastimes, then that’s an even bigger bonus. And for two lucky bingo players that’s exactly what happened in Croydon’s Mecca Bingo. Nothing unusual in that, except this is the first time that there’s been big payouts over successive nights.

The club usually pays out about 50K in wins throughout the week, which sounds like a lot, but when you consider how many sessions the club runs in the week all those smaller prizes certainly do add up. The two lucky winners who wish to remain anonymous (to the media at least) bagged a sweet £43,000 over Saturday November 15th, and Sunday the 16th.

The Saturday win on the Cashline game was a nice £18,245.90, and the Sunday win on the National game was an impressive £25,246.60. Not the biggest bingo wins, but for two nights in a row the club must be hoping news of them gets around Croydon, and maybe they will have some more players signing up in the hope that they’ll also be winning a nice Christmas box.

One of several South London bingo halls, Croydon Mecca Bingo is a modern venue with plenty of parking, and all the facilities you’d expect form a modern venue including 20 disabled seats, 3 disabled toilets, and disabled access. If you fancy somewhere with a bit more history, then you’ll need to grab the overland train and tube, or drive, to the fantastic Tooting club on Mitcham Road.

If you know of anyone else who has come up trumps with a nice win before Christmas please let us know by leaving a comment below as we love to share the joy, Merry Xmas folks! Original article.

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